Zope training


Training in our office London. Learn how to create simple but powerful web application, connect to relational databases, customize your scripts or templates.

Where and when?

I’m based in London so it’s most convenient for me to meet there. This can be in your office or in facility that I’ll be able to find. Although there is no problem if your office is somewhere else in UK or Ireland. We can arrange my travel there. Also I can go almost in any place around Europe. This can be really nice experience.

I don’t have strict training dates. I’m flexible and can adjust to a date suitable for customer.

How this training looks like? I’d prefer to meet with small group of people from 1 to 5. This allows me to answer all questions and treat everyone individually. How long training lasts and what subjects are covered depends on participants. This although should be agreed before. Basically full training contains four parts:

  • Theory – speech and presentation
  • Examples – real use cases
  • Exercises – tasks to solve by participants
  • Questions and answers – you ask I answer

Currently I can offer Zope2 training that covers following areas:

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