Weekend in Eastbourne


My wife and I went to Eastbourne to enjoy May bank holiday


Eastbourne is a small and nice town. It has nice promenade on the beach that reaches few miles from cliffs on the east to port on the west. The beach is mostly rocky except few hours of low tide when the sand appears. But it is wet so no chance for laying on the sand and taking a sun bath. There is also a nice Victorian pier with some shops build on top of it. Looks amazing!

We’ve done some sightseeing. On Saturday we went to Beachy Head. The highest cliff in UK, and unofficially the third suicide spot. There were few crosses and flowers on top of it. It was windy up there and quite risky to look down. On Sunday we visited sailing port and on Monday we lied on the beach doing nothing.


Weather was a real surprise. When we’ve left London we had expected nice Saturday and then rain for the rest of holidays. Sunday was cloudy but warm, there was only a little shower in the evening. And Monday was magnificent. More that 20 degrees, sunshine and delicate breeze from the sea.

There is a Greek restaurant there called Athens. If you want to eat real Greek food – don’t go there. There were nice steaks eaten by other people there but traditional dishes were lousy. Greek salad with literally 2 olives, piece of cheese (far from Feta) and lots of lettuce. But the worst were shrimps in some greasy, sticky gravy. Next day we’ve eaten lunch in port in Italian restaurant Simply Italian. Very good food and good prices. Dinner was in Tres Amigos – Spanish cuisine. This was the best meal during whole stay. Nicely served, delicious tapas.


We’ve stayed in Sea Beach Hotel. Very good value for the money. There were no luxuries but it was one of the cheapest we could find on the web. It was clean, breakfast was decent with lots of toasts and most important the owners were absolutely charming and helpful.

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