Want a free Plone/Zope help, consulting or quick tip?


I think I’ve found a way to start raising money for my charity. I’ll help people with their Python, Zope or Plone problems for free and then they may make a donation for Sense

Raising money is difficult task. Rarely people just give you them for nothing. So I need a way to encourage this.

Today someone emailed me to thank about my article Plone 3 hosting on Windows . He said that it helped him a lot and now he is a successful owner of Plone 3 instance. Also later today I’ve helped him a little bit with installing other products.

So I thought, that probably that help was valuable for him. Maybe he saved time or money. So I’ve offered him a chance to repay by donating to my charity. And he did!

Thank you Michael and all future or past donors!

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