Support “Muddy Boots” Nursery while shopping in Waitrose Canary Wharf on February 2012


When you pay at the till ask for a green token or few and donate them to “Muddy Boots” Mudchute Farm Nursery.

Waitrose supports local charities with its program Community Matterss . They will donate £1000 between 3 selected charities every month and divide proportionally to amount of tokens received.

In February 2012 one of the charities supported by Canary Wharf Waitrose will be Mudchute Farm Day Nursery . It provides 76 places and welcomes children aged between 0-5 years for children of families living within the borough of Tower Hamlets. With an unrivaled environment on their doorstep, “outside play” is an essential part of the nursery day at Mudchute.

“Opportunities at the Mudchute nursery are endless but places are limited.”

What you have to do is take a green token or tokens (the more the better) and put it in a plastic container labelled “Mudchute Farm Nursery”. Those containers are usually located in visible places near entrance/exit. Sometimes staff forgets to offer a token after you pay so ask for it! Especially in big stores like one in Canary Wharf.

It is my local nursery as I live close by so will definitely put my tokens for them!

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