Ryanair charges for pre-paid Mastercard


Pre-paid Mastercard used to be the only way to avoid “administration fee”. Now it is gone.

Some time ago I’ve started using Orange Cash card. The main purpose for it was to use it to book Ryanair tickets and avoid “administration fee”. But things have changed since I last bought a ticket there.

What was my surprise when I selected “Mastercard Prepaid” option on Ryanair’s website and my fee hasn’t gone down. I’ve checked of all the options and the only fee free was something called Ryanair Cash Passport.

I had no choice but to pay this ridiculous charge. £6 per person, per flight for 3 people return ticket summed up to an additional £36 – almost 10%!

I did a quick search and discovered that Ryanair launched their own pre-paid card in October 2011. Although they claim that it is to help in reality it is another way to rip-off their customers.

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