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Developer wanted to join Fry-IT

Fry-IT is looking for a developer to join their friendly team. We are a small multinational company based in London. We create really cool projects for startups, small and big companies. The job will start as 3 month contract, just so you can see if you would like to work with us. Then it will be converted to permanent position.

We provide:

  • excellent working conditions
  • flexible hours
  • remote work
  • friendly atmosphere
  • bonuses
  • business trips
  • direct contact with customers
  • possibility to work on own open source projects during work hours
  • and most important: no stress!

Required skills:

  • honesty, truthfulness
  • sense of humour
  • open source attitude
  • urge to learn new things
  • ability to work alone and take responsibilities
  • attention to details
  • good English (but in worst case we can accept supporting languages: German, Swedish, Czech or Polish)

It would be really beneficial if you:

  • can code in Python
  • understand Zope 2 technology
  • have development capabilities using Plone CMS
  • are not scared of Linux
  • know something about relational databases and animal called PostgreSQL

You can send your CV to: plon ejob @ f ry-it .co m

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