Plone training


Training in our London office or on client site. Learn how to manage content in Plone, how to create advanced web application or how to optimize it.

Plone is built to be easy to use. Although, some users that are not familiar with computers or Internet may find it difficult. How to add a page or news? Why my new document doesn’t appear? Where can I change my password? Managers and directors are not only interested how to use it but mostly why? What can Plone do for them, how it can improve their relations with customers, increase sale or lower costs. And last but not least – developer. He knows how to use Plone but would like to customize its look or enrich functionality. How can he change configuration through ZMI, how simple is to customize Plone or create new product. For all that questions we are trying to find answers on our trainings.

Where, when and how?

You can find details in section about Zope training.

Currently I can offer Plone 2.x CMS training or consulting that covers following areas:

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