Plone support


User friendly support for your Plone sites.


There are no stupid questions, there are only stupid answers. For us every issue is important. Regardless if it is asked by end user, project manager or CEO. Every answer is plain and useful. There are no exuberant words that make things more complicated. Its sometimes hard but it is always beneficial. Its better to prepare good answer once than being disturbed by not satisfied customer many times.

Why am I different?

Are you fed up with waiting hours on the phone listening to newest pop hits? Do you have enough talking to people who can only redirect you to other people but actually have no idea how to help you? Do you want to stop waiting your time and money?

I won’t redirect you anywhere and I can immediately answer your questions. Being active Plone developer I can quickly investigate problem and propose a solution. If it is easy I can apply quick fix. Just give me appropriate permissions and your problem will be gone before we finish conversation. If its more complicated I can estimate how long it will take to resolve that issue.

There is no paper work, no policies, no problems. I deliver.

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