Plone SEO


Optimizing your Plone site to appear better/higher on search results for major search engines.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is powerful way to make our website appeared to end user. Today we have billions of websites and useful information is spread over the world. So it is crucial to build site in a way that the information inside will be presented as good as possible. Even interesting site with lots of useful information can be invisible in search results. This is a perfect field for optimization. I’m not trying to cheat search engines – sorry.

Currently I can offer Plone search engine optimization training or consulting.


  • Introduction to Google Page Rank
  • Using keywords
  • Plone products that help improve PR
  • Creating “search friendly” content
  • Improving site structure


I can really prove that my suggestions work. I’ve created an application that measures ranking and produce some analytical and statistical reports. Does anyone offers that?

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