Plone development


Creating products for Plone. Converting design to Plone skin, integration with databases or other platforms.

Why CMS?

Setting up and maintaining a website in the traditional way can soon turn into a black hole where resources, time and money quickly disappear. Changing content, adding new pages, changing the overall branding can become a headache as you don’t have control over most of your own website. You may find that as you grow and change that managing your website becomes very difficult. Content Management Systems (CMS) change all that.

Why Plone?

If you are looking for CMS Plone can be interesting solution. It is rich out of the box and has few hundred additional modules. But when this is not enough Plone can be easily customized. First of all visual appearance called ‘skin’ is separate from functionality. It is easy to create new skin and make modifications during website life. Secondly, its easy to extend functionality by creating product for Plone. It can be completely bespoken for customer needs and fulfil all his requirements.

Plone is based on the Open Source platforms of Zope & Plone. These powerful systems do not need any special software except a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc). Some of the things you can do with these systems:

  • Change content on any of website pages
  • Add new pages
  • Separate content from the branding and look and feel
  • Add private only pages for you clients
  • Upload documents for sharing: either internally, for clients or for the general public.
  • Groupware: allowing very easy collaboration.
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