Plone CMS hosting


Professional hosting and maintenance for Plone CMS. Our servers are based in London, UK.

What is Plone hosting?

Plone is CMS (Content Management System) that uses Zope application server written in Python language. So hosting Plone website means actually providing environment for Zope. Then we need Zope products required to run Plone. There is quite few of them but they provide wide range of functions. To improve speed we use Apache as proxy server and Squid for caching. Everything of course runs on powerful Linux machines.

Detailed description

If you have Plone CMS or thinking of using it we can offer:

  • Any version of Plone CMS 2.1, 2.5. 3.0
  • Support for really old versions 1.x
  • Any open source product for Plone
  • Databases and adapters for MySQL and PostgreSQL. Other databases are also possible
  • Third party products developed by customer. This will require individual discussion
  • Complete Plone migration from another server without any loss of data
  • Help with migration to newer Plone versions
  • Unlimited number of Plone sites
  • Professional technical support
  • Consulting about installing, maintenance or optimization on your own server (Linux, Windows, Mac OS)


I won’t say that prices are low. Frankly they are high. But together with high price we deliver highest quality of services. You can read more in section about Zope hosting.

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