Plone and Zope companies in London


Companies that provide Plone and Zope development, hosting, training, support in London.

London – European capital of trade, business, banking, marketing is also a centre of open source technologies. City has large number of companies that provide Zope and Plone services.

Plone and Zope in London

After a year of work in London I can think of few companies that do Zope or Plone. To some I’ve applied for a job and one of them actually hired me. About some I’ve heard or even talk to people working there. Sometimes there are competitors and sometimes we help each other. It’s small world after all.

Listing provided below is nothing innovative. Although it may save some time of research. Every company can be found on Google if one can spend some time to do it.

  • Fry-IT
  • BlueFountain
  • BlueOrange
  • Engage
  • Jamkit
  • Limehouse
  • PukkaPeople
  • Sharkbyte
  • TeamRubber
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