My Plone products


List of areas covered by my Plone products.

What is Plone product?

Basically it is a folder with Python scripts that implement functions and classes, templates that define how things will be displayed and few other files that are necessary for deployment. This is how developer see it. But for normal people product is just a ‘black box’ that provide some functionality on their Plone website. And here we have products that give us: forum, poll, calendar, article, newsletter and few hundred others.

Some examples

I’ve created quite a few Plone websites in my career. None of products I’ve built is open source (unfortunately) mainly because they were heavily bespoken for particular customers. They had one or many of following features:

  • Integration with relational databases
  • Presentation on Google maps
  • Hundreds of different content types
  • Calendars and schedules
  • Optimization and caching
  • Statistics and reports
  • Improved usability for creating content
  • Quick and advanced search
  • High quality, documentation and testing
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