London Marathon 2009 date announced


Run starts on 26 of April 2009, 9:00 AM. I’ve started training week ago. And now thinking how to raise ₤1400 for my charity.

I’ve just visited Marathon’s website and saw the counter. Few days ago it was still showing the old one. So I have 12 months and 4 days for training.

I haven’t started to raise my funds yet. Awaiting “hints pack” from my charity that should give me some advice how to do it. And it will be not easy, I bet. How to convince people to give you money just like that? I think I’ll first approach “board of directors” of Fry-IT first.

And the training is killing me. I’d like to run marathon below 4 hours. That means I have to keep up pace about 11 km per hour, which is 3,5 km in 20 minutes. My current training time is about 20 minutes but I’m quite far from covering required distance. And after training I barely stand straight and breathe heavily.

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