I moved from London to Godmanchester


Due to move I have new training routes in town where I live: Godmanchester. But it is really small so I also run in neighbouring Huntingdon

I moved from London to Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire. It is all because my wife Renata. She has got a job nearby as a Senior Quality Analyst. I can work remotely, so there was no problem for me to change location. I’ll be visiting Fry’s office once a week. There is really good connection to London. 50 minutes journey by train from Huntingdon to Kings Cross.

So what about my training? In London there was plenty of space to run. I had quite a variety of routes so it wasn’t boring. Here because of small size it may be more difficult. But what a landscape! Small villages, fields, forests, quiet roads. Fields are full of jumping rabbits and quails. Much better for running.

I’ve found a really nice route around Portholme – England’s largest meadow. It is adjacent to Godmanchester and Huntingdon. The length is perfect. One lap is 3,43 km which gives a bit more than 10K in 3 laps. There is space, fresh air, quietness, smells and sounds of nature. And the river around it. Beautiful.

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