How to steal in Britain – part 4


Useless Royal Mail rejects my claim due to stupid procedures

As mentioned before I was conned on eBay, reported it to the police but was ignored and finally wanted to get compensation from Royal Mail. But it failed and below is letter I got from them

Thank you for contacting Royal Mail

I was very sorry to hear of the problem you’ve experienced with mail addressed to you.

Of the huge volumes of letters and packets we handle, very few encounter a problem along their way – but we take every single failure seriously.

My investigations into your enquiry have included checking all available service information and I cannot identify any reason why this problem has occurred. Additionally, due to the millions of pieces of mail that pass through our massive postal pipeline each day, we cannot trace items unless a specific trackable service is used.

When considering claims, we need our customers to provide us with all of the following information: the sender’s full address details

I note that you have not included all this information on your claim form, so I’m unable to compensate you on this occasion. I trust you will have no further problems of this nature; however, should you wish to claim in future you would need to provide all of the above details

Also if you wish to claim for the value of lost items, you will also need to provide additional evidence, such as the original certificate of posting. A certificate of posting is provided free of charge when posting at a Post Office.

Once again, please accept my sincere apologies on behalf of Royal Mail for the problem you’ve had, and our thanks for talking the time to make us aware of this. Please be assured that we take letting our customers down seriously and will use this information to make further improvements.

Yours sincerely, blah blah blah .

Politely written pile of rubbish. Of course I have not included the senders address as she did not wanted to gave it to me. Not to mention I had no chance of obtaining the original receipt from seller. I’ve explained all this in my letter to Royal Mail but apparently they can’t read. Or rather used this procedural omissions to say: f**k you.

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