How to steal in Britain – part 3


Royal Mail Recorded/Next Day delivery is useless. Here is a simple instruction how to make fraud on eBay with Recorded Delivery.

My vouchers were sent via Royal Mail Next Day delivery. But I’ve never get them as somebody else collected them. How can this be possible?

I’ve emailed Royal Mail asking them to investigate. I’ve given them 2 possible scenarios and asked if they can address them.

First, the packet was not sent to me nor to my address. She seller probably committed a fraud, send it to a friend, who collected it. Then she can show the proof on Royal Mail tracking website that it was collected, she is clean and this will make eBay and police happy. And myself screwed.

In my naive mind I was expecting that Royal Mail keeps on record at least the postcode where Next Day delivery is destined to. And as a nice to have full address and the recipient. All those details are needed to be verified if you want to collect the packet. But to my surprise this is not the case. I went back and forth in an email conversation with various “representatives”. And they were adamant in opinion that Royal Mail hasn’t store this information.

Second theory was this: someone squeezed his hand through my letter box, took the “you’re not at home” card and went to sorting office to collect the packet. But here are the questions. How can one possibly knew that there were something valuable in this delivery? How can an adult put a hand inside and reach to the bottom of by mail box? And lastly, how can Royal Mail give a letter addressed to my to someone else without proper id?

After few days customer service responded that they spoken to manager of the sorting office and he confirmed that all went according to the rules. The packet was handed town to the rightful recipient. Of course I’ve asked whether they can confirmed the name or address – they did not. The packet disappeared. In summary, there is no way of knowing whether Recorded Delivery was destined for myself.

This gives me an idea how to commit fraud on eBay or any other site where you sell stuff. List an expensive item, send it to someone you know (ideally in the area where the buyer lives), who will receive it or will go to collect it. Then you’re covered as you have a proof of delivery, and no one can prove that it wasn’t sent to the bidder’s address as Royal Mail hasn’t store this data. Simple and effective.

After a lengthy period of useless emails with Royal Mail Customer Service I’ve decided to file a claim on form P58 – Lost, Damaged or Delayed Inland Mail. Including in that claim was a letter where I explained the situation and my theories. During my research for that letter my point of view evolved and I’ve added 3rd theory – the packet could be stolen by Royal Mail employee. Impossible at first it become a simple reality once I read that one postal worker a day is caught stealing from mail .

I’ve send it on 23rd of January 2013. I haven’t got any reply or confirmation it was received. Funnily enough it was a freepost so I can never prove that I sent anything and Royal Mail can easily claim they did not receive it. Or am I getting paranoid?

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