How to steal in Britain – part 2


eBay Buyer Protection sucks

After few days of purchase of my John Lewis vouchers I’ve checked the tracking number. And to my surprise I’ve discovered that the parcel was already collected. There were some strange circumstances about it which I’ll describe in later posts.

On the 4th week of December I’ve opened the case in Resolution Centre. After that the seller had until end of the month to respond, which she did not. In the meantime her user account disappeared and was no longer registered on eBay.

So eBay contacted the seller and she provided them with tracking information showing “the item was delivered to your address”. Which is not true as it was collected from sorting office and not by myself.

I’ve escalated the case and explained that I’ve never received the note from Royal Mail, never collected it. It was not left at any of my neighbors house. Customer Service asked me to print a form and take it to nearest police station to report a crime/fraud.

But the problem was they set a 10 days deadline for sending them a copy signed and stamped by a police officer. I’ve received the email on 26th of December when I was on holidays abroad. The deadline expired one day before my return at the beginning of January.

Next day after the deadline I’ve received very polite email from eBay, stating that as I’ve not provided them with necessary information the case is hereby closed. I’ve tried to explain the situation, that it was Christmas period and I was on holidays and had no physical possibility to visit British police station.

We’ve exchanged few emails but Customer Service’s response was always the same “no, can’t do”, “rules are the rules”, “we’re sorry”, “please understand” etc. In this case eBay’s Buyer Protection Scheme turn out completely worthless

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