How I saved almost ВЈ100 on car insurance


I used comparison website and found much better car insurance deal. Instead estimated ВЈ470.62 I will pay ВЈ376.10. Staggering ВЈ94.52 (20%) less!

I’ve recently received a letter with my car insurance renewal offer. It was about £40 more than last year. I’ve looked at the old policies and it was increasing almost 10% year by year. Which is surprising to me considering that: no claim bonus increased by another year, and I’m a loyal customer who should get some incentive. I’ve decided to look for a cheaper deal for my 7 years old Volkswagen Golf on . I think this website is pretty neat and I already had some quotes saved from previous years. It was quick to check other deals, just by updating few details. It really paid off.

My current (but very soon ex) insurer Admiral offered me car insurance for £392.18. But here is the first trick – it was only for 10 months (marketing term “no claim bonus booster”). I quickly realized this mischief and calculated that it is an equivalent of £470.62 per year. After running a search on for exactly the same parameters (or even better now) I got few cheaper offers. The best was from for £376.10. Wow! I was seriously surprised with a difference of £94.52 which is more than 20%.

I made up my mind quickly and I’ve decided to cancel renewal. Here is a short story how they try but failed to keep me as a customer. I’ve called Admiral:

  • Customer Service – after security check (policy number, name, address, phone number, email address) I’ve revealed the reason for my call and nice lady put me through to other department.
  • Renewals – I had to go through the same security check again (slightly frustrating). I’ve told the lady that I won’t be renewing my car insurance. She asked: why? And I replied that I got a better deal. This hasn’t surprised her. She asked whether she can speak with her supervisor – maybe they will give me a better deal. But the offer of around £350 wasn’t good enough (remember that it was only for 10 months). I’ve said that I’m looking at the annual insurance that is only £26 more. She redirected me to another department.
  • Sales – Security check again (not happy)! Gentleman called Carl tried his best and offered me 12 month insurance for “only” £453. Obviously they didn’t want to compete with rival quote and I said I’m not interested. So he switched me to another department.
  • Renewals again – Guess what? Another security check. I said that I’m not renewing and I had to explain the reasons. Again. I wasn’t in the mood of repeating myself so just asked what I need to do now. The only thing is to send them back Motor Insurance Certificate in prepaid envelope. I did it straight away.

After this fruitless conversation I logged on to the website again and progressed with the quote from . It was pretty quick because they already received all my details from comparison site. I paid my premium and now waiting for new documents to arrive. It was a no brainer – to have or not to have £94.

Disclaimer: I’m not recommending here to use or buy insurance from Nor I’m in any way condemning Admiral. They actually had the best deal for me 2 years ago. I wrote this article so anyone knew that sticking to the same car insurance provider is not such a good deal as we think. Use your brains and tools available to get yourself a better deal!

Two is one

I’ve just received insurance certificate from Elephant. It looked familiar. I’ve compared it with the one from Admiral and they are identical except logos (and amounts). I’ve checked the address and they are also the same. So this is one company but with 2 (or more) brands. Why then there is a difference in price? No clue.

And if you don’t know what it is about – it is always about money.

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