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Thinking about improving your page rank? Why search the web for articles or buy expensive software? Just use Google’s Webmaster Tools that are free. Who knows better how to improve your PR than Google?

A little about it

Page Rank or PR – The Holy Graal of webmasters. I don’t intend to describe what it is or how to improve it. Internet is full of more or less interesting articles about this. I just want to share some of my experience. This website has started with PR0 which is nothing unusual. But of course I wanted to know how to improve it.

I’ve searched the web and read many articles describing what Page Rank is. Some of them give clues how to increase this value. It is interesting that for many people this indicator seems to be a little artificial. Everyone aims for PR10 but few knows the real reason. If website has good content it will be displayed on top of the searches for interesting keywords even if it has poor page rank.

Usefull clues

All articles, blogs and Google tips leads to conclusion that content of your website must be interesting for people. Don’t try to cheat web crawlers or dont rely only on exchange links with other websites. If the site is interesting its PR will improve sooner or later. Yes, I know that everybody prefers sooner.

All recommendations, from my point of view, are just result of good content:

  1. As much as possible external links to website. If people find something interesting on our website they will link to it.
  2. Many subpages. Website with usefull content will grow either by content from author, company or community. In my example I’ve released an open source product. Now I have to maintain issue tracker with bugs, announce new releases or fixes in news, add files for download. In the meantime I’m writing small articles 😀
  3. Existence in catalogs. Add your website to internet catalogs either related to business or technology. For technology absolute minimum is and Even Google admits that it uses them.
  4. Penalties. Don’t cheat. There are many techniques that are trying to improve the ranking: cloaking pages,hidden text or links, loading pages with irrelevant but popular words etc. For using this practices you can be excluded from index.

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What next?

Page rank advice

Good point

Although this website has Page Rank. According to Google Toolbar this page itself has PR3. Most of pages here have PR 3-4. I used to have 5 or 6 but it was some time ago.

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