Fake Gold 2011 Maple Leaf


Counterfeit of the Canadian gold bullion coin has appeared on the market

Please be advised that someone is counterfeiting 1oz Gold Maple Leaves. The usual suspects are industrious People of China.

Below you can see comparison between 2011 fake Maple Leaf (left) and real from 2013 (right). The obvious difference is the colour and lack of glitter.

The fake leaf on the back of the coin is missing finest details of the small veins. It really looks very rough. This is clearly seen on photos 4 and 5.

The forgery is clear when you look at the thickness of the coin. It is because the fake had to have the same weight and diameter as the original. The weight was 31.24g (should be 31.10g) and diameter was 29.85mm (should be 30.00mm). Thickness is massively greater in comparison to original: 5.30mm instead of 2.80mm.

Two images below clearly illustrate poor quality of the coin and lack of details on the leaf. Also missing are the characteristic tiny vertical lines on the surface. Please ignore the small laser engraved mark/privy above “1 oz” on the 2013 coin. This is the first year where Canadian Mint introduced it as additional level of protection. It is not present on original coins from earlier years.

I hope you don’t have such a coin in your collection.

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