Dung For Brains – Dilbert punished by Google


Dilbert used ‘black hat SEO’ technique and got banned on Google.

This is how it started:

And this is how it ended:

But in reality this post is not about Dilbert. It is about company claiming that it can make you appear high in Google search results. As a proof it created a page full with keywords dung for brains and then proudly showed that it was 1st on Google for this keywords.

Ha! This is not difficult for a set of keywords that appears almost nowhere in the Internet. I’m not claiming to be a SEO guru and not boast about this site being first when you search for lukasz python developer

To prove that it is trivial and no skill whatsoever is needed I’ve created this post and we’ll see what position for keywords Dung For Brains in search resutls this post will get.

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