Don’t buy vouchers on eBay!


eBay’s Buyer Protection is useless when you purchase vouchers as it doesn’t cover you if things go wrong.

When you go to any eBay’s listing for, in this case, John Lewis voucher you can clearly see the Buyer Protection logo. But if you won’t receive the item you are not protected at all.

There is an exclusion in Buyer Protection Policy for “anything that’s equivalent to cash (including retail gift cards)”. I’m guessing vouchers fall in this category.

I paid £270 for John Lewis vouchers and I haven’t received anything. Seller haven’t responded to a single email. eBay “understands my concern” and because “I won’t be able to open a case because this item isn’t in a category covered by eBay Buyer Protection” suggests me to “contact the seller to try to work out your problem”. Interesting as I was trying to do exactly that for the past 4 weeks.

eBay and PayPal washed of their hands. So my last chance is Section 75. I paid for those vouchers with a credit card (via PayPal). According to law for every purchase between £100 – £30000 pound card issuer’s is equally liable if something goes wrong.

I filed the case and now will have to wait 6 weeks for the result of investigation. Fingers crossed.

Update 1

Credit card company (American Express) requested that I should first contact PayPal. If they won’t cover my loss then I need an email confirming this. I called PayPal and not to my surprise they can’t help me – but I got email confirmation.

I’ve forwarded this message to given email address withing AmEx claim department. They are suppose to contact me soon and specify how long it may take.

any news on this?

Problem solved

American Express wanted to give me a refund. But just before that the seller contacted me and sent the vouchers.

Also what is described above is not an issue any more as eBay extended its buyer protection scheme to vouchers:

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