Dividends dates as Google calendar


I could not found dividends calendar for my companies in the Internet so I decided to create my own.

I am a happy user of Google Calendar. We have a family calendar and personal calendars that my wife and I share between each other. I can synchronize them with my mobile phone so I have access to recent events wherever I am.

In my shares portfolio I have few companies selected based on their dividends yield. But all of them pay different days, some quarterly, some yearly or half-yearly. It is relatively easy to remember if you have just one company in your portfolio. But I have 4 and I can’t and don’t want to remember everything.

Then I thought: “I’ll just search the web and add a Google calendar that has this information to my calendar”. But sadly I didn’t find any. so I have to create my own.

My “dividends portfolio” consists of shares of:

  • [LON:BP.] British Petroleum
  • [LON:AV.] Aviva
  • [LON:GSK] GlaxoSmithKline
  • [LON:NG.] National Grid

Soon I’ll post those calendars here as publicly available. Stay tuned.

Great Idea!

I’ve been looking for the same thing when I came across this post. Have you figured out a good way to do this, and if so would you mind sharing? Thanks!

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