About Me

Lukasz Lakomy is a kind and friendly person. Totally in love with his beautiful and wise wife Renata. He is also a Python developer and director of his small consulting company – Ainer Ltd.

My name is Lukasz Lakomy. I came from Poland but currently live in the UK..


I’m fascinated with quality coding, unit testing, useful documentation. I’m taking the risk by being direct and always saying the truth to the customer. This is what I call “Organic Business”. No artificial flavors, preservatives, only health and comfort. My business guru is Ricardo Semler from Semco.

Open source

To see all my open source work go to Projects. Currently there are three of them:

FlashVideo – Simple to use but rich in functionality solution to use Flash video (*.flv) on Plone site.

ZPTDebugger – Zope 2 product that allows debugging Page Templates (also in Plone or Silva). It shows you all variables used in templates and their values. ZPTDebugger – Plone and Zope product for debugging code in templates. Developed by Lukasz Lakomy.

ZProtx – a library that can be used in Zope or Plone to integrate with Protx payment system which is popular in UK.


Sometimes I write a simple technical article that solves problem I had and put into Articles

I also maintain my blog with posts mostly about running and training for London Marathon

Contact me.

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