AA breakdown cover is too expensive


I’ve not renewed my AA European and UK breakdown covers. They did not offer good value for money.

Although maybe The AA offers a lot but paying £145 for breakdown cover (including roadside assistance, relay and joint membership) was a little too much for me.

European breakdown cover was no better. £151 for this year including membership discount. I’ve read whole terms and conditions and couldn’t find the reason why they are much better than competitors and why they charge so much.

I’ve called Automobile Association helpline and cancelled membership renewal. They were bit disappointed that I’ve found a cheaper offer.

But here is what I’ve learned:

Always call saying that you don’t want to renew!

This probably applies to any financial product: home insurance, car insurance, breakdown cover. All those companies don’t want to loose a customer and can give you a substantial discount straight away. So even if you don’t want to switch – call them. They’re prepared for it. If you won’t call – you’ll loose out potential savings.

In my case AA offered me a discounted UK membership for £101 – amazing 29% less! Or £48 off from £149. For European breakdown they’ve offered me around £110 – 27% cheaper!. In total £89 of savings.

But my deal, that I’ve discovered on online comparison sites, was much better than that. I’ll write about this soon.

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