#5 — FlashVideo conflicts with ARFilePreview over transforms

State Rejected
Release: 0.8.2
Area Bugs
Issue type Comment
Severity Medium
Submitted by (anonymous)
Submitted on 2008-08-18
Responsible Lukasz Lakomy
Target release: 0.8.2

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On a fresh installation of Plone 3.1.4 with ARFilePreview 2.3.0-pre2 and FlashVideo 0.8.2, creating a new FlashVideo object raise the following error:

AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘transform’

Sorry, I misused the Description field. Here is its content:

I just created this ticket to let you know about a potential conflicts between FlashVideo and ARFilePreview. This bug is still not confirmed on ARFilePreview side, nor reproduced by anyone else. So I don’t know which party should solve the problem.

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