2 Weeks Stolen!


No it isn’t. BT is the best company. It gives you money for nothing.

BT is not evil

I don’t usually blog about every day matters but I felt so moved recently that I’ve decided that this is my citizen’s duty to write about it.

I had few adventures with BT . You may think that because of them I’d consider them as evil company. It was like that but I always had faith that one day they will redeem all their sins and mischiefs. And that day has come.

12 month contract penalty

Do you know that when you activate a line from BT you are agreeing to 12 month contract? Today I now that too, but when I first called them I didn’t. I needed an active line so I could switch immediately to TalkTalk (they are so much better and cheaper).

When you break the contract by switching to another provider you are liable to pay penalty fee. This penalty of course it is not stated in any obvious place. Nobody told me that when I spoken to so called “customer advisors”. But of course it is somewhere in terms and conditions so BT is covered.

Penalty increase for loyal customers

After my second move I had to repeat this process. But then I’ve received a bill for more than £100. When I called BT customer care I was told that I’ve selected a more expensive call plan. Bullshit! I said few times that I just need a line and I’ll switch to another provider immediately. Why would I need any additional features?

2 hours on the phone

When you call BT it’d better if you had a cheap or free calls. Prepare yourself for huge waste of time and listening to the same piece of music all over again. You need to follow the labyrinth of options, typing your telephone number, customer number and when you finally reach a human being they still don’t know who you are. So what is the point of giving all that details?

Sorry, can you repeat that please?

I’m an immigrant in UK myself and my English is far from perfect. My accent isn’t better too. After few calls I’m pretty sure that BT placed customer care call centre in some “developing country” in Far East. In my opinion it is the biggest mistake from customer point of view. People there don’t know nothing, can’t do anything and I don’t understand what they are saying! Sometimes I need to ask few times to repeat the word or sentence. Even if customer service is based in UK it looks like they hire only people from India or Pakistan. BTW, I’m not a racist. I have many colleagues from those countries. I’m just against the idea of providing customer service by people who don’t speak English.

But finally there is redemption

On one day everything changed. I’ve moved my home again and followed the usual scenario. I’ve called BT and ordered landline activation. Then it turned out that I don’t need to do this because TalkTalk now can activate my line too. Great! There is no cost for that, except standard £29,99 account activation. It is still better that £40 penalty.

I’ve called BT half an hour later to cancel my order. They were a bit flabbergasted but cancelled it. Next day they even called me to confirm cancellation. Imagine my astonishment when I’ve received a welcome letter from BT few days later. Probably system has generated it when I submitted my application.

I was a bit relieved when I received a closing statement and a touching letter in which BT regrets that I’ve resigned from their services. Closing balance was £0.00 which was a good sign. But there was second position on this statement £-0.09 – return of 9 pence. Apparently some glitch caused by VAT change. But here is the best part.

Next week I’ve found a letter from BT and a big surprise inside – cheque for 9 pence. In this moment I almost cried. Was I moved, angry or gobsmacked? Few questions went through my mind then. Isn’t sending a letter worth more that 9p cheque inside? Is 9p cheque even worth cashing and making effort to go to branch? How can a percentage of 0 be more than 0? Could I become a millionaire if I repeat this process millions of times?

For me it wasn’t worth to cash. And I didn’t deserve it anyway. I belong to the dying species of honest people. It would be too much effort to sent it back, to call BT or to do anything. I just torn it to pieces.

I’m poor again. But happy.

Disclaimer: This article is not sponsored by any company mentioned above. I’m not responsible for any financial or mental damages if you join BT or TalkTalk. I’m not liable if you try to use VAT glitch to became rich and if you get caught.

2 Weeks Stolen!

August 23: Payment of a full year in advance service
Sept 1: Starting date of a new service, where there was a BT line working perfectly a day before.

BT said: Sorry no service until Sept 13.

* Why the can’t bleach the agreement? Can I say, sorry I won’t pay in 13 days?

* My contract ends on Aug 31, 2011. Did they just steal 2 weeks?

BT, the worst of England by far,

Carlos Noton
Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, UK

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