#1 — Problem when playing the second time

State Open
Release: 0.8
Area Bugs
Issue type Bug
Severity Medium
Submitted by (anonymous)
Submitted on 2008-05-16
Responsible Lukasz Lakomy
Target release: 0.8

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After playing a video for the the first time it doesn’t play anymore until restarting browser.

Using Plone 3.1.1 (Universal Installer) with default filestorage installation.

Tested with Firefox 2 and 3 beta 5 on Linux

Yes, I agree this sometimes happen. But only in Firefox, in IE seems to work perfectly.

It is not the problem with FlashVideo product or FlowPlayer. I think it is something with Firefox, or maybe Flash plug-in for Firefox.

Another problem is that this problem sometimes occurs and sometimes not. I’ve watched your movies today without problems few times.

I think I’ll have to test another Flash players but eventual change will not come soon.

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